I grew up in a small town in Michigan in the 70’s and 80’s. During my youth I was mesmerized by science fiction, fantasy, and horror in movies, comics, and television. Star Wars, Star Trek, Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Voltron, the Shogun Warriors, Godzilla, Conan the Barbarian, Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and Alien were among some of my favorites. As an adult I still have passion for these masterpieces as well as many others such as comedy, westerns, and even an occasional drama.

Even though I was and still am a huge geek, I love/loved to watch and play sports. I grew up a huge Michigan sports fan. The Detroit Lions, Detroit Tigers, Detroit Pistons, Detroit Red Wings, and the Michigan Wolverines were and are among my favorite teams. One may say, especially my wife, that my affinity for the Detroit Lions is also my curse 🙂 . I even loved the Michigan Panthers (USFL). In fact my first pro football game was the Michigan Panthers vs. the New Jersey Generals in the Pontiac Silverdome way back in 1983.

Cooking is another passion I have. I enjoy all types of cuisine and have spent a lot of time in the last twenty plus years dabbling in the creation of such culinary enjoyment. I enjoy good food. It seems that a lot of the restaurants I have been to in the recent past have ended in disappointment. Quality doesn’t seem to be important in a world of McApplebees. Over the years I find I have better results in my own preparation than entrusting a potentially disgruntled line cook with my over priced and ill prepared meal.

 This blog represents what I like, whether it be movies, TV, sports, food, comics, etc… I will post short stories and flash fiction, but there will also be reviews, rants, raves, bad cartoon drawings, and whatever comes out of my twisted mind. Hopefully nothing political, but sometimes as the cinematic prophet “Forest Gump” once said “Stupid is as stupid does”. I look forward to any comments or feedback. Thanks for your time!