Detroit Style Pizza

Most people have heard of New York, Chicago, or California style pizza. However, one of the most underrated pie in our country is Detroit style. It is a creation fashioned from the hardcore nature of the motor city, yet a delicious concoction that makes a sturdy case as one of the best pie’s around.

Buddy’s pizza in Detroit, MI is the originator of this deep dish delight. The square shape depicted in the photo was created in a cast iron auto parts pan to caramelize the Wisconsin brick cheese that is layered edge to edge. Living out of state, I don’t get to experience it as often as I would like, but places like Jet’s pizza and Little Caesars offer a pretty solid locally available version in a pinch.

Don’t get me wrong, there is room in the pizza world for all types. I’ve had some solid Chicago and New York style pies in my day, although not as well known, Detroit style pizza is as good if not better than any style I’ve ever experienced.